About the Book

In The Poised Century, David A. Robinson shows us what a century “on the brink” looks like and what each of us can do about it. From oil depletion and climate change to growing inequity and mounting debt, he presents persuasive reasons why each of us must live today as if tomorrow mattered. Advocating a future that grows from the sum of our own conscious choices and informed citizen action, he points to a common abundance we can all live with, one that brings well-being to all Americans.

Robinson gives us tools for creating a future that will not only require, but demand, our attention and presents an optimistic, if not easy, way to secure our collective life. Focusing on the United States in particular, he invites and challenges his readers to find a way of living and consuming that does not diminish either the planet or its people.

Filled with practical remedies, The Poised Century offers abundance over inequity and hope over despair.